New Research Seeks to Better Understand Birth Injuries that Affect the Brain

Our Illinois birth injury lawyers have worked with enough victims and their families to appreciate the seriousness of brain injuries that strike newborns. These types of injuries can affect people of all ages, not just infants, and they have a variety of causes. However, more often than not when a newborn experiences brain trouble it can frequently be linked back to problems during the birth of the child. We know that Chicago newborn brain injuries are uniquely harmful, because they frequently result in permanent damage that will follow the youngster for life. These injuries often require the child to have significant prolonged medical and physical assistance. The consequences of these injures should obviously lead all involved to do whatever they can to prevent them from arising in the first place. A large part of that task involves ensuring that the most up-to-date and knowledgeable medical understandings are considered at every step of a pregnancy and birth.

Fortunately, medical experts continue to test new waters to better understand why these brain injuries arise and what can be done to prevent them. For example, the Digital Journal recently explained the work of some medical professionals in this area who have the goal of eliminating newborn brain injuries. The new research effort is being touted as one of the first to focus specifically on certain aspects of newborn brain development problems. Of course, we believe that the work is long overdue. Far too many young children are affected by these injuries, and entire families have their lives forever altered because of them. If anything can be done by medical professionals to prevent the problems, they should be done. The latest research shows that about six out of every thousand children are affected by a brain injury. Many of those injuries are permanent and severe.

The researchers discussed in the new story are hoping to lower that figure specifically by learning more about the blood problems associated with the birth of children with these issues. The experts suspect that one potential cause of these injuries relate to blood abnormalities or potential inflammation in the mother during pregnancy and birth. To test their theory, the involved researchers are collecting blood samples of thousands of pregnant woman, looking at the properties of that blood both before and after the birth. It is hoped that the research has long-term benefits for patients across the country. Some have suggested that as more resources are devoted to learning about these newborn injuries, certain birthing practices will need to be phased out. Of course, sometimes it is hard to get a medical consensus on the need to change longstanding practices. But it is vital that new knowledge be incorporated into the routine of doctors across the country, especially when the lives of mothers and new children are at stake.

It is important for all expecting families to demand that their medical professionals provide care that is influenced by new information and developments in the field. Part of the obligation of all professionals-from doctors to lawyers-is a willingness to adapt with the times, stay aware of changes in the field, and ensure that patients (or clients) are given the highest quality service at all times. Just as lawyers cannot stop learning after law school, medical professionals also cannot finish their educational path with medical school. The vast majority of professionals are well aware of this obligation and spend each day helping those who rely on them. In the medical context, those who work to save our lives are truly indispensible members of the community to whom we all owe our gratitude. However, there are always some who fail to grasp their overall duty and others who are generally great professionals but make a mistake that affects the lives of others. In those cases, it is important for the victims to have a system that attempts to make them whole as much as possible. Our Chicago newborn injury lawyers are proud to work within that legal system on behalf of these victims.

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