New Test to Detect Heart Defect Birth Injuries

Our Illinois birth injury attorneys were interested to learn about a new development in which many experts believe that a new screening test for newborn babies aiming at detecting heart problems could help reduce the number of birth injuries in newborns. Many birth injuries are detectable at the time the baby is born but certain types of birth injuries, such as heart problems, are often times not as obvious or detectable as others birth problems. For example, if the baby is not receiving oxygen it is clear that the baby is in trouble once they are born, and even a fetal distress monitor maybe able to detect an oxygen deprivation problem even before the baby is delivered. With birth problems that are more visible, there is hopefully enough time for the doctors and nurses to fix the problem and for the baby to be completely fine. However, when the baby suffers from a problem that is not apparent to the doctors or to the nurses at the time the baby is born there is a fear that the birth injury will do serious damage to the baby before any help is given.

While many types of heart problems are easily testable, about a quarter of heart defects in newborn babies, are not detectable by the normal tests that are usually given at birth. This type of hard to detect heart defect does not necessarily present any obvious signs and because of this doctors, nurses, and parents may not realize that there is a problem with the newborn baby. According to Voice of America, medical experts have discovered a new type of test, which is non-invasive to the newborn baby, in which the doctor can test for this hard to detect form of a heart defect. This test measures the level of oxygen in the baby’s blood, and when the levels of oxygen are too low it may be evidence of this type of rare heart defect. The ability to test for this other type of heart defect in newborn babies allow the doctors and nurses to monitor the baby more closely, and make it much less likely that the baby will be sent home without the treatment that it needs.

The oxygen level test can also help to identify other birth problems, such as infections to the baby that may go undetected if the test is not given. Many birth injury experts feel that this test could really help to reduce the number of serious birth problems, because it would help doctors and nurses realize that there is a problem with the baby before the damage is too severe. and give them the time necessary to fully treat the baby Our Chicago birth injury attorneys are happy to hear that there may be a way to help keep the number of damaging birth injuries down, and help keep more newborns healthy.

If you or a loved one had a baby that was not diagnosed as suffering from a birth injury, and then later suffered from injuries related to his misdiagnosis, please contact our personal injury law firm to discuss what options may be available to you. Our Illinois birth injury attorneys have helped clients from all over Illinois with their personal injury lawsuits and are here to help you with your case, so please call us today!

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