OB/GYN Call For Return to Natural Childbirth

A group of medical professionals in the obstetrics and gynecology fields recently released a call to pregnant women nationwide to return to healthy natural childbirth and away from what they dubbed the “C-Section Epidemic.” The plea was made in Advanced Chiropractic Health and Wellness News. The doctors are giving free pregnancy and childbirth lectures in the hopes of addressing what they see is a rash of unnecessary C-section births.

As the doctors explain, and our Chicago birth injury lawyers have blogged about, the nation’s C-section rate is currently at an all-time high. The doctors here claim that it is now the most common surgical procedure in the country. They explain how in most states anywhere from 20-40% of all new babies are delivered via C-section instead of natural childbirth. These high C-section figures are far too high, claim the doctors, because many are unnecessary.

It was explained that many fail to understand that C-sections are major surgical procedures that comes with a wide range of complications and require much longer recovery times when compared to natural childbirth. While these procedures are seemingly done in order to prevent birth injuries for the young child, they actually may provide the involved family more harm than good. The doctors giving the presentation explain that C-sections increase the likelihood of hemorrhage, bowel injury, bladder injury, infections, and may actual compromise future fertility.

The lecturers on the topic also admitted dismay that so many doctors discourage trial pregnancies in woman who have had a prior C-Section. These births are known as VBACs. This creates a vicious cycle, they explain, whereby mothers that are forced to have their first child via C-Section often feel forced to have the rest of their children the same way. Right now only 8% of children are born vaginally after their mother had a previous C-Section. This is down from rates of VBACs that was near 30% in previous years. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has claimed that VBACs are appropriate under certain circumstances. In addition, research on the subject continues to reveal that in certain cases they can be preferable for the patient, claim the group of doctors.

The doctors admit that at times, surgical deliveries are necessary. For example, it is imperative that medical professionals act in any manner necessary, especially via surgical options, when a child is in fetal distress, there is unresolved labor unrest, the child is in breech position, or if there are complications from multiple pregnancies. Yet, they maintain that there remain far too many C-Sections than are warranted by the percentage of these actual conditions.

In the end, as with all things, a balance must be sought. Our Chicago birth accident lawyers know that failure to perform C-sections in a timely fashion when necessary have very real consequences for the child. Many birth injury lawsuits have revolved around that issue. However, there is a different between necessary surgical birth and C-sections performed for no safety reasons. Medical professionals should be capable of understanding the basic difference and guiding patients as such.

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