Paxil Related Birth Injury Claims May Still be Filed

Our Chicago-based birth injury attorneys want to make sure that all families that were affected by a birth injury that was caused by the mother taking Paxil while pregnant realize that there may still be time for their birth injury lawsuit to be filed. Paxil is a drug that has been and continues to be heavily prescribed to treat depression, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, and social anxiety issues. However, after the drug had been prescribed to patients for years it was discovered by researchers that the drug could lead to rather serious birth defects in newborn babies when the mother took the drug during her pregnancy. The drug can lead to severe physical defects to the baby, including heart problems, foot development problems, brain and skull development problems, as well as other physical birth injuries that can be very difficult for the families affected.

Many victims of Paxil related birth injuries have filed birth injury lawsuits against the manufacturers of the drug for failure to realize and warn their patients of the dangers associated with taking this particular anti-depressant. These patients often had babies born with the above mentioned physical problems and many of those affected are suing the drug manufacturing company to recover the medical costs associated with the baby’s injuries caused by taking the drug, as well as compensation for the pain and suffering that the manufacturer’s negligence caused the families of these babies born with these severe birth injuries.

While many of these birth injury lawsuits have been filed and settled for the families of these babies, according to PR Web, many families that have not yet filed a lawsuit for their baby’s birth injuries are afraid that they have missed their chance to file a birth injury claim against the drug manufacturer. Our birth injury lawyers want to make sure that families understand that they have not necessarily missed their opportunity to receive the compensation that they deserve for the drug manufacturer’s negligence and that there are still birth injury attorneys that will take the case and help the victims fight to receive the monetary compensation that they deserve.

If you or a loved one gave birth to a baby that suffered from severe physical problems at birth and the mother was prescribed and was taking Paxil at the time that the baby was born, you may have a Paxil birth injury claim available to be filed against the manufacturer of the drug. Additionally, depending on when your doctor prescribed the drug to you, you may have a negligence claim against your doctor too if the dangerous side effects were already known to medical professionals when it was prescribed to you. If you feel that this has happened to you and your baby, please contact our Chicago personal injury attorneys today to discuss your story and to see what legal options you may have available to you. Our Illinois personal injury law firm has helped many clients receive the appropriate damages for their personal injuries that were caused by the negligence of another and we are here to talk to you today about your potential case.

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