Paxil-Related Birth Defect Lawsuits Continue

Illinois birth defects have a variety of causes-some preventable, others completely accidental. By definition, these problems almost always affect the lives of the victims and their families for a lifetime. Many children who suffer a birth injury will never be able to live a normal life because of the complications that they face from the moment they leave the womb. Interestingly, there is not a finite number of preventable injuries. As medical knowledge and expertise widens, more and more causes of birth problems that were at one point mysterious suddenly become preventable. In other words, once society discovers that something can cause one of these problems, it is vital that those in a position to use the knowledge to save lives actually do so.

For example, many Illinois birth injury lawyers have worked on cases where certain medications were found to have caused problems when taken by expectant mothers. Thousands and thousands of children were born with debilitating problems they otherwise would not have if their mothers had not taken the medication in question. These injuries became preventable as soon as any information at all was known about the potential harm caused by the drug. According to Web Wire News, Paxil is the latest drug to become a hotbed of birth defect lawsuits.

Paxil was first used in 1992 as a much touted antidepressant. However, since that time a myriad of problems have been linked back to the drug. Most of those suits center around complications during childbirth that have been caused by Paxil. The drug has been shown to cause heart abnormalities like atrial and septal defects-holes in the walls of the heart chamber of the infant. On top of that, the medication also may cause an often-fatal lung condition known as persistent pulmonary hypertension. The hypertension is caused by excessive pressure in the blood vessels of the developing baby’s lungs. Over the past several years, even more birth defects have been found to have some connection to Paxil. Some of those include deformed skulls, protrusion of the abdominal organs from the navel, spinal cord defects, and cub foot.

In fact, in 2005-thirteen years after the drugs’ first use-the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a national alert about the potentially dangerous antidepressant. The alert sought to spread information to the public about the many birth defect problems that had been linked to the drug. Also, as part of that effort the FDA required to drug maker to put a warning label on the drug which specifically advised doctors not to prescribe it to any woman who was in their first three months of pregnancy or even planned to become pregnant in a short time.

Even with those steps, however, many community members have still been harmed by the use of the drug. Over the years hundreds of families have filed suit against the drug giant for the complications they suffered because of the drug. Over the years the drug company which makes the medication, GlaxoSmithKline, has paid out more than $1 billion to settle the hundreds of cases where community members were harmed.

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