Pesticide Exposure can Lead to Brain Injury

Brain injuries can result from a variety of incidents, from automobile accidents to sports injuries. But most people don’t realize that they may be inviting a brain injury into their home. As reported by CNN, a 10-year-old Florida boy is currently hospitalized for a traumatic brain injury (TBI), allegedly stemming from a termite extermination in his home.

According to the report, the family left the home for two days while the treatment was completed. Upon returning to the home, the entire family reportedly became ill with stomach pains. While most of the family members recovered completely, the 10-year-old became increasingly ill, requiring an extended hospitalization. CNN reports that he has lost 90% of his motor skills and suffers from a traumatic brain injury. No conclusive determination has been made regarding the extermination of the Florida family’s home. However, state and federal agencies are reportedly investigating the incident.

Pesticide Exposure

As stated in the CNN article, the pesticide sulfuryl flouride was used in the home. According to the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC), sulfuryl fluoride is the gas used to fumigate enclosed areas. This odorless and colorless gas works by penetrating crevices and pores within wood. It then enters the insect’s body and when used by the insect as a source of energy, it causes death. To be fully effective, the treated area must remain enclosed for a particular amount of time. This is often done by tenting the area and prohibiting humans and pets from entering. After the tents are removed, the structure should reportedly remain unoccupied for another 24 hours, to allow the gas to dissipate. As explained by the NPIC, exterminating professionals should measure the levels of toxicity before allowing residents to return.

The initial symptoms of sulfuryl fluoride exposure include:

*Nose, eye and throat irritation *Difficulty breathing and coughing *Numbness of the extremities *Abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting
*Slowed speech or movements

Once the chemical affects the central nervous system, the symptoms become more severe, including:

*Muscle twitches
*Pulmonary edema
*Lung and kidney damage

Studies published by show that sulfuryl flouride attacks the white matter of the brain, especially in younger children when the brain is still in the development stages. White matter brain complications can lead to difficulties with vision and controlling movements of the eye. They can also cause muscle paralysis or restriction of movement. Cognitive functions, like memory, speech and impulse control are also negatively affected by brain matter complications.

When a product or professional procedure results in a brain injury, the victim and family are faced with substantial physical, mental and financial burdens. With the assistance of a knowledgeable attorney, you can secure compensation from the responsible party.

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