Popular Cerebral Palsy Telethon Raises $1.2 Million

HTR News reported earlier this week on a successful telethon to raise money for those with cerebral palsy. The fundraiser was set to support the national advocacy group, Cerebral Palsy, Inc. A two-day television show and drive was conducted over the weekend. The results were quite impressive, with over $1.2 million being raised in just those pair of days. The haul was more than double the amount raised in a similar telethon last year.

According to the story, the organization plans to use the funds to cover operating expenses at a local cerebral palsy center. The center provides a range of services for residents throughout the community-geared toward adults with cerebral palsy and similar special needs. Every year the center reportedly helps over 1,200 families with therapy and outreach programs. Thanking all those who contributed to the effort, the spokeswoman for the facility noted, “Our goal was just to be able to raise the money to continue providing the quality services we provide. We just really can’t express our appreciation enough.”

All told thousands of individual community members phoned in during the telecast to pledge money. The event also included dozens of volunteers who hosted the event and provided entertainment as part of the non-stop two day presentation.

The fact of the matter is that ensuring children with these birth injuries reach their full potential requires considerable resources over the course of a lifetime. Our Illinois cerebral palsy lawyers fully appreciate this challenge. Of course, the efforts of groups like the one described here to help those facing the condition are incredibly important and heartwarming. These efforts truly change lives and their work should be promoted and support. The majority of families who have children with cerebral palsy do not have the resources on their own to provide all of the assistance necessary to ensure that their child has access to the support services they need.

However, in the cases where the cerebral palsy is caused by the misconduct on the part of others-usually negligent medical professionals-it is logical for the wrongdoers to contribute to the costs of supporting the child’s special needs. That is the purpose of each Illinois cerebral palsy lawsuit that we file.

There is tendency to claim that these suits are somehow unfair or a “money-grab.” This view is misguided. In fact, taxpayers as a whole have a lot to gain by ensuring that wrongdoers pay for the consequences of their actions-instead of the public at large. In many instances, when negligent doctors and hospitals are required to support those who are harmed by their unreasonableness, the taxpayers save money that otherwise would have been paid by the public. As a community, we do not let those with special needs languish without care if they are unable to pay for the basic services they need to get by each day. Instead, government funds from various sources are needed to provide basic support. Birth injury lawsuits, like all those seeking hold negligent parties accountable, are premised on the simple idea of responsibility and fairness.

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