Potential Uses of Cord Blood For Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Each Chicago cerebral palsy attorney at our firm works with local families whose youngsters have cerebral palsy as a result of negligence during their birth. This is a far too common occurrence that results in lifelong complications for the child which could have been avoided. Legal accountability in these cases is essential to spur proper safety changes which might prevent other families from going through the same issues. In addition, the redress provided by a suit ensures that the affected children will have access to the resources they need to deal with the injury as well as possible.

While there is no cure for cerebral palsy, having access to proper treatments often makes a huge difference in the life of those fighting the condition. In fact, access to proper resources is likely to grow even more important as medical advances progress, hopefully opening up new medical options for affected families.

Cord Blood Trials
For example, as summarized in a new Scoops San Diego article, cord blood may hold the key to helping those who developed cerebral palsy as a birth injury. The story explains that right now over 2 million Americans are suffering from cerebral palsy and face mobility, mental developments, and sensory complications as a result. But more help may be on the way.

That is because cord blood (and the stem cell therapies that can grow from it) may allow cutting edge research to improve the lives of these community members. The story discusses a new clinical trial testing whether an infusion of stem cells from the child’s own umbilical cord blood can improve various facets of the condition. This current trial involves 40 children between the ages of 2 and 12. All of the participants had cord blood from their birth stored.

Summarizing the goal, the lead researcher noted that “the hope for stem cells, really from the beginning, is that they might serve as some type of replacement for cells in the nervous system that have been destroyed or never developed properly.”

He went on to note that while stem cell research can help in many different ways, using cord blood from the child’s own birth is a safe way to begin this process. Past research and anecdotal evidence has shown that this method has potential. Also, adult stem cells have already been shown to greatly assist recovery following birth injuries.

Each Chicago cerebral palsy lawyer at our office is interested to see how this clinical trial pans out. Positive results will hopefully allow beneficial treatments to flow to more and more sufferers. In any event, whatever the current state of medical research, if you suspect that your child’s cerebral palsy might have been prevented if your medical professionals had acted differently, please get in touch with our legal professionals to learn more. These cases are complex, and so it is essential to at least understand how the law works before making any decisions. There is literally nothing to lose from visiting with attorneys experienced in these areas.

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