Prenatal Care Plays Role in Preventing Birth Injuries

Child development and birth is never without some risks. So many variables are at play in these situations that it is impossible to remove all chance of complications causing a birth injury affecting the mother or child. Of course, that does not mean that steps cannot be taken to minimize those risks. Each Chicago birth injury attorney at our firm works with local residents who have been hurt because reasonable steps were not taken to minimize those harms. In many cases the errors occur during the birth itself–such as when a infant is not properly monitored, excess force is applied, or emergency maneuvers are not taken in a timely fashion. In a few other cases the problem may actually stem from inadequate care before the delivery. A growing body of evidence continues to add support to the vital role played by prenatal care.

Proper Prenatal Care
A helpful article this week written by a physician reminds all families of the importance of having quality, consistent prenatal care. Unfortunately, many mothers still fail to receive the help they need during the pregnancy, either because they do not seek out the care or because it is provided inadequately.

For one thing, the data is clear on the effect of failing to have medical help at all during a pregnancy. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that failing to receive prenatal care makes it three times more likely that a child will have low birth weight and five times more likely that the baby will not survive the birth.

What is proper prenatal care?

In general, it is best to have monthly visits with a doctor. As the due date gets closer, however, the frequency may be stepped up. The idea is that possible problems can be monitored and caught as early as possible–that includes things like high blood pressure or diabetes. The pregnancy is stressful on the mother’s body and these problems can develop during pregnancy, even if the mother has no history of diabetes or high blood pressure.

Serious problem in the child can also be identified ahead of time. For example, if the child has a serious heart defect, that may be noticed early on–instead of after the baby is born. The benefit of early detection is that the medical team can ensure that proper equipment is available immediately to deal with the issue once the child is delivered.

The medical benefit of having support during a pregnancy is clear. The Illinois birth injury lawyers at our firm also know, however, that there is emotional value to the medical aid throughout pregnancy. Having a good relationship with a physician before the delivery is a helpful way to ease tension, lessen worry, and make the actual delivery a bit less stressful. These benefits should not be underestimated.

No matter what, however, mothers should never forget that they are entitled to proper care during their birth–whether they had prenatal care or not. Medical professionals are held to a reasonableness standard in all of their interactions with all patients In our area when they fail in that standard and cause harm, then an Chicago birth injury lawsuit might be appropriate.

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