Resources for Choosing a Holiday Toy for a Child with Cerebral Palsy

As blog readers know, cerebral palsy (CP) describes a range of conditions that affect one’s bodily movements, balance, and posture. In many cases, cerebral palsy is not readily apparent to doctors or parents at a child’s birth. Instead, it is often only identified as a child develops. It can be caused by a range of issues, usually from oxygen deprivation to the brain. This oxygen deprivation might be spurred by improper lung development in premature babies, umbilical cord prolapse when babies are born in breech position, and other instances. Birth injury lawsuits filed after a child develops cerebral palsy usually allege that the involved doctors were improperly prepared to handle these conditions, allowing the birth injury to occur that could have been prevented. The consequences to the child of cerebral palsy vary considerably, from completely debilitating to mild. Beyond problem with movement, victims also may have trouble with hearing, vision, and speech.

According to the Center for Disease Control’s website, roughly one in three hundred children suffer from cerebral palsy. Therefore, many local families have children and relatives who are dealing with these issues. During the holiday season, many families or loved ones may be unsure what the best gift might be for a child with cerebral palsy. According to a recent Seed News story, those buying for children with cerebral palsy are often challenged to buy gifts that are both fun and also aid in the child’s development.

One website that caters to these exact holiday questions is “Cerebral Palsy Toys and Play Aids.” The online resource provides detailed information about how play time for all children (including those with CP) is much different from adult recreation. Child play time is not just for escapism, but it is actually an important time when they think and learn. Their toys should keep this in mind. For example, the website explains how for youngest children with CP, more sensory stimulation is usually advantageous. These may include objects that combine motions and music and lights. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the fine motor skills of the child to understand if a certain play aid will be appropriate-though even if the object might be a challenge it could be a good challenge that actually helps the child develop those motor skills.

Another great resource is Astra Toy-the American Specialty Toy Retail Association. The group explains that they are committed to helping all those involved in the toy making process to develop products that are of high quality on both learning and playing fronts. Astra reminds readers that far too often children with certain disabilities are disappointed when relatives buy “safe” gifts, like clothes, instead of fun objects that they’d actually like to play with. Instead, the experts recommend families take a look at the website Able Play, for a comprehensive look at toys that might fit children with certain disabilities.

Our Chicago birth injury lawyers hope all families who have loved ones with CP find the perfect gifts for their friends and family members this season. We know that living with CP presents many unique challenges. However, time and again we have been impressed by the ways that families adapt to those challenges, from guaranteeing that their children receive the best therapy possible to ensuring that just the right holiday gift is found.

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