Six-Year Old Girl with Cerebral Palsy Walks for First Time After Groundbreaking Surgery

The inherent nature of the work of a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer usually places the attorney at odds with medical professionals and hospitals. Of course we only get involved in cases where medical care went awry and mistakes were made which cause harm. Yet, the nature of our work may create the impressions that our attorneys always assume that birth injuries are caused by medical negligence or that all medical professionals present a risk to patients. These are unfortunate assumptions. Our birth injury lawyers, just like the rest of the community, understand the absolutely critical role that medical professionals play in all of our lives. The majority of doctors provide fantastic care in day in and day out. Some birth defects are simply impossible to prevent.

It is important from time to time to recognize the amazing work that many medical professionals conduct, particularly in helping those who suffered a birth injury reach their full potential. For example, the Daily Mail Online published a story this week on a six year old girl who suffers from cerebral palsy who was able to walk for the first time following a pioneering nerve surgery.

The family learned that the surgical option maybe available to them after reading a story about another young boy with cerebral palsy who was able to walk after having the new operation-known as Selective Dorsal Rhiztomy surgery. To pay for the procedure, the family conducted an intensive fundraising drive to raise $70,000 to pay for the expense of the procedure. After months of hard work and drives, the family ultimately raised more than $95,000 and the door was opened for the girl to have the procedure.

This summer, on the little girl’s birthday, her family set off for the surgery. The procedure itself lasted four hours in addition to a tendon lengthening surgery over the course of a few weeks. On top of that the girl undergoes rigorous physiotherapy three times each week. The progress has been slow, but even the little things make a huge difference for the girl and her family. Unlike before the operation, the girl can now sit on the sofa on her own without falling down. Whereas before the girl needed splints up her whole leg, she now only has small splints on her ankles. She eventually may not even need those smaller splints at all. The six year old gushes that she loves the fact that she can now fit into sparkly Princess shoes, which she couldn’t when she was wearing larger splints.

The surgery which the family learned about is a unique neurological technique that treats spasticity in the lower limbs. Spasticity refers to increased muscle tone in those limbs. The process works by opening the lower vertebrae to reveal the spinal cord containing the neurons of the central nervous system. This is the bundle of nerves that sends messages from the brain to the rest of the body. Electrical currents are then used to identify the sensory and motor nerves. Those currents continue to be used until the specific nerves which affect the spastic muscle movement in the victim is identified. These are the nerves which are not transmitting properly. Those nerves are then cut to eliminate or at least improve the motor problems.

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