“Take Justice Back” and Preserve Legal Accountability Following Birth Injuries

The lifelong financial costs associated with birth injuries are staggering. It does not take much imagination to understand how it will take hundreds of thousands (often millions) of dollars of extra care, equipment, monitoring, and associated financial burdens in order to provide proper treatment for decades for those harmed by the most serious birth injuries. Unfortunately, things like cerebral palsy, which often develop during traumatic births, are entirely preventable. Medical professionals are well-versed in the fact that oxygen deprivation and slowness in ordering a C-section can have lifelong ramifications on a child. Therefore, when these professionals do not act properly, causing these injuries, then the law allows the affected family to seek accountability. That accountability ensures that the injured child will have the support they need throughout their lives to deal with the ramifications of the injury.

Sadly, however, for many years medical professionals and big insurance companies have been fighting to prevent those affected in these situations from having the full ability to pursue justice in these cases. The “tort reform” battles on this front are well known, and many states have already cut back on legal rights as a result of these big business efforts to pad their own bottom lines.

Fortunately, many advocates are growing more and more aggressive in fighting back against these incredibly damaging encroahments on the fundamental rights of all community members. For example, just this week, the American Association for Justice launched a new project called “Take Justice Back.” The legal accountability tool is intended to be a flashpoint for advocacy efforts to beat back all of the efforts by large businesses to insulate themselves from being accountable for their actions.

The project is guided by the slogan that when no one is held accountable, then no one is safe. In fact, the entire civil justice system is premised on this fact. If there are not consequences for acting negligently and harming others, then there is little reason to guard against negligence. This seems like common sense, but when financial incentives for powerful interests are involved, common sense sometimes gets tossed out the window.

According to the new website launched on the project, Take Justice Back has four main goals. First, to educate community members on where and how their rights are at stake. Those pursing these “reform” efforts often try to mislead the public on how the changes will affect them. Second, share real stories about those affected by corporate negligence and their lack of access to justice. Third, use social media channels to engage all those affected by these issues. Fourth, “empower activism” on this front by acting as a central “portal” though which those fighting for these efforts can unite.

The attorneys at our firm urge all those harmed by the negligence of others to utilize their rights to accountability and redress. In addition, we hope everyone does their part to fight back against legislative effort to take away basic legal rights for consumers. Safety demands accountability, and we cannot let big businesses take that away.

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