Teen with Ataxic Cerebral Palsy Shows Diversity of the Medical Condition

Each Illinois cerebral palsy lawyer at our firm remains amazed at the tremendous accomplishments that those suffering from this birth injury attain in their lives, despite the extra challenges that they face. From running businesses and playing sports to making others laugh and providing listening ears, those with cerebral palsy continue to enrich the lives of those around them. However, that is not to say that they do not face extra hurdles. As we repeatedly explain, these community members ability to maximize their quality of life is heavily dependent on having access to available resources to deal with the challenges of the condition. When local residents file an Illinois birth injury lawsuit on behalf of their loved one who developed cerebral palsy as a result of their medical caregiver’s negligence, they simply want to ensure that their loved one has the chance to reach their potential.

Max Preps recently shared the heartwarming story of one young man with cerebral palsy who has used his perseverance and love of basketball to inspire all those in his small community. The fifteen-year old was recently profiled for his positive outlook. The young man has ataxic cerebral palsy, which is the least common form of the condition. Ataxic cerebral palsy is characterized by low muscle tone and difficulty with movements. In addition, it affects ones sense of balance and depth perception. Of course these mobility challenges would seem to offer extra challenges when engaged in activities like playing basketball. However, this young man does not allow it to interfere with his focus of doing his best and being part of the team. The young man played in nineteen of the teams twenty five games. In fact, he was able to score six three point shots throughout the season, including one in the team’s only playoff game.

The teen was surprised when he found out that he could join the basketball team without any tryouts. Because he lives in a small town with only 800 people (and school with only 67 students), anyone who wants is able to join the squad. The team may not win many games-only one out of the twenty five this season-but for this teen it is the experience that matters. He reminds all those around him that it is a gift just to be able to be on the court at all.

His mother explains that he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy not long after his first birthday. His first doctor said that he would probably never walk or talk. However, his mother decided to get a second opinion, and the boy has defied the odds. In fact, he does not even walk with the limp that is usually characteristic of cerebral palsy. He explains, “I sway my head a little bit, but other than that I handle my CP pretty well.” In addition, his voice is clear without a noticeable issue. The teen hopes to use that voice one day for sports announcing. He is now making plans to attend college and hopes to study some sort of communications to get involved with broadcasting.

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