Teen With Spina Bifida Inspires Community

This week the Montgomery Advisor reported on the inspirational story of a boy born with spina bifida who has not let his birth injury prevent him from living his life to the fullest. Our Chicago birth injury lawyer at times get mired down in the tragedies of these injuries in our work helping families who have loved ones harmed by preventable birth injuries. There is no way around that fact that all parents wish that their children are given the same opportunities as all others. The extra challenges facing many children born these injuries are clear.

Yet, it is misguided to simply wallow in the harm caused by the harm and ignore the fact that many of the children born with these problems go on to live amazing lives that better all those around them. For example, the teen profiled in the Montgomery Advisor story recently completed a three mile race. The race included many hills and was tough for those on their feet, let alone a teen in a wheelchair. However, the young man refused to give up, even refusing to wear gloves-commonly worm by those in chairs to help maneuver. The boy was born in 1998 with spina bifida-a birth defect caused by the incomplete development of the spinal cord and coverings. It presents a wide range of problems for those inflicted, and the boy in this case is confined to a wheelchair. The fourth of five children, the boy has four brothers all of whom refuse to treat him as if he is any different.

The young man had a staggering thirteen surgeries by the time he was ten years old. His family explains that his early troubles have made him particularly tough, and he is capable of weathering any storm that comes his way. All those around him explain that the boy is constantly upbeat and working each day to warm the spirits of his friends, family members, and classmates. Not only does the teen refuse to let his condition get him down, but he has big plans for ways to help others in his situation. He is currently working to start a wheelchair basketball program in this city. He is also an avid football fan, and closely follows the Auburn college football program.

Each Chicago medical malpractice attorney at our firm who works on birth injury cases appreciates the amazing achievements of many youngsters that have been forced to deal with their birth defects. Stories abound of families that have turned their tragedy into opportunities to share lessons about perseverance, courage, and hard work. Those achievements should never be minimized. In fact, our work on Chicago birth injury lawsuits in many ways is guided by the goal of ensuring these families have the resources they need to turn the tragedy into something positive. It is particularly difficult to maximize the quality of life of one born with a birth defect if every day brings more worry about whether or not the necessary resources will be available to provide the day to day care the injured child needs.

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