The Value of Childbirth Education Classes

Everyone wants to have the process from pregnancy to the delivery to go without a hitch. Obviously the goal is always for a happy, healthy child to be born in as seamless a way as possible without harm to mother or child. Unfortunately, there are many examples where things go wrong. From genetic issues that develop during conception and accidents during development to trauma during the birth itself, many things can go astray with consequences for all involved.

More and more information is coming out, however, of steps that mothers can take to minimize the risk of a preventable accident striking. One of those steps is education classes. Recently the Seattle PI published a story geared toward mothers that provided various why childbirth classes are “worth your time.”

The Value of the Classes
The blog post tried to explain why mothers should not forget the value of traditional, in-person education classes. The author argues that online options–articles, video clips, and other educational alternatives–might not completely offer the same value as the classic education class. While the shortcuts may be tempting, particularly for those with already packed schedules, it may be worth the effort of squeezing in a regular class.

For example, the story notes that one overlooked benefit is how the classes provide both parents a chance to block away time to discuss the process together. More than just a time for mothers to learn about what to expect, it is a guaranteed time for couples to bond.

Importantly, taking a traditional class also guarantees the the information that one receives is accurate and up to date. While the internet is obviously a bastion of endless resources, it often can be overwhelming. New things are learned and best practices change from year to year (or even month to month). Searching for information online may be a road to following outdated information. By attending a class with a trained teacher who is able to answer all questions immediately, mothers can be confident that they aren’t getting second-hand, skewed, or obsolete knowledge.

Traditional classes also provide a layer of accountability. Just as many gym-goers find that a personal trainer ensures that they have a good workout (even though they can exercise on their own), signing up for a traditional childbirth class is a way to ensure one does not push off need for education by delayed at-home research.

Hoping for a Healthy Birth
Education classes are obviously only one piece of a large chain of events from conception to a birth. The injury attorneys at our firm urge all local mothers to do their best to ensure that their little one has the best chance to enter the world without harm. Yet, there is only so much that any family can do. Sometimes developmental problems exist anyway. And at other times a traumatic birth is not handled properly by medical care providers, leading to injury. In the latter case, a birth injury lawsuit may be appropriate to ensure accountability and access to resources to provide resource to account for the injury. Consider contacting our office for more advice on these matters.

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