Toddler Left Brain Damaged After Blind Cord Hanging Injury

Earlier this week our Illinois birth accident lawyer shared information about the risks presented by certain products meant to protect newborns, like crib bumpers. We also alluded to other common ways that infants and toddlers are severely injured by seemingly innocuous products or objects, such as window blind cords. Unfortunately, accidents still strike even though awareness of these dangers has spread.

For example, the Daily Mail just reported on the tragic blind cord accident that has just left a two-year old girl permanently brain damaged and paralyzed. According to reports the young victim was put to bed by her parents last week at her regular time. However, without her parents knowing, the toddler crawled out of bed and began walking along a window near her room. However, the loop in the blind cord somehow became tangled on the girl’s neck. It began choking her and depriving oxygen to the brain. It was only a fluke by which the girl’s father happened to be walking by his daughter’s room and saw her hanging unconscious from the window. He immediately began performing CPR, and an ambulance was called.

Fortunately, the emergency rescuers were able to stabilize the girl but not before permanent brain damage resulted. The family reports that the child will have severe repercussions on the rest of her life. She will no longer be able to walk, talk, or feed herself. Obviously she will require close life-long care. The child was in a coma for a week after the accident, and has been in a rehabilitation facility for the severely disabled since her release from the hospital.

Our Illinois injury attorneys remain very saddened by these stories of serious injury-and sometimes death-caused by dangerous products. Looped blind cords have already been banned in the United States, specifically because of the dangers they pose to young children. However, that does not mean that these cords do not exist in homes where toddlers may be present. The ban affects the manufacture of these products. Many older homeowners who have not changes these cords may still have them up, exposing youngsters to unnecessary risks. It is incumbent that all families take stock to ensure that they do not have these dangerous products.

Families, day-care operators, babysitters, and all those who interact with young children should ensure that all forms of hidden dangers are investigated. While news of these stories shock the conscience and may appear like flukes that cannot be guarded against, oftentimes simple acts could have prevented the tragedy. Our Illinois birth injury lawyers have helped many families deal with the consequences of accidents that have affected their young children. Even those situations which at first do not seem caused by any negligence are ultimately discovered to have a root cause in certain carelessness. In the birth injury context, that typically includes problems during the birth of the child or inadequate care being given to the mother during the course of the pregnancy. Fortunately, the law protects victims of these situations. Please give us a call if you or a loved one may have been hurt in this way to see if we can help.

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