Trial Begins in Lawsuit Where Inmate Gave Birth Alone in Cell

Our birth injury attorneys were interested in a current lawsuit in which a former inmate is suing the county jail she was incarcerated in, after she gave birth on the floor of the jail close to fourteen years ago. The birth injury lawsuit is against the county where the jail in which the inmate was incarcerated is located. While the incident occurred many years ago, the case is just now going to trial. According to Seattle PI, the personal injury lawsuit alleges that the baby likely suffered neurological damage as a result of not receiving medical care immediately following the baby’s birth. The inmate was pregnant and claims that the jail staff ignored her when she told them that she was nine months pregnant and that she was having labor pains. After repetitively asking for help and no one responding to her pleas or taking her seriously, she gave birth to her baby in her jail cell all alone. The officers that were on duty claimed that when they saw her they did not believe that she was in imminent danger, and that is why they did not get her help when she was asking for it.

The jail staff claims that the inmate was not clear in informing them that she was pregnant, and that due to her erratic behavior and verbal abuse, they had no reason to believe her claims that she was pregnant. They also claim that they did not act negligently by not believing that she was pregnant and failing to get her help before the baby was born because they did not know she was pregnant and are not required to give pregnancy tests to their inmates. It was not until the staff heard the baby crying that they realized she was serious about the pregnancy and proceeded to go and get help for the mother and baby. The jail staff also claims that the mother and baby suffered no injuries as result of the lack of care on the part of the jail.

However, the inmate claims that her baby was born with a heart defect and that the fact that the baby had no immediate care led to a more severe birth injury. The lawsuit is against the jail staff and the county for their negligence in not giving the inmate the appropriate care necessary and the baby’s injuries are not actually part of this particular lawsuit. The inmate seeks damages for the pain and suffering from being alone in her isolation cell and having to go through the birthing process all by herself.

Our birth injury attorneys feel bad for the mother having to give birth all alone, and for the baby that may have suffered more serious birth injuries that would have occurred had the baby received the proper medical care that it should have received during labor and delivery. If you or a loved one feel that a doctor, nurse or someone else in charge acted negligently while you were giving birth and that the baby suffered physical damages as a result of this negligence, please do not hesitate to contact our personal injury law firm to discuss your options. Our Illinois birth injury attorneys have helped out families all over Illinois with their personal injury and birth injury claims and are here to help you.

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