Triplets Die Following Birth Injury

The Evansville Courier Press reported this month on a jury verdict following the tragic birthing accident that took the lives of three young babies several years ago.

Christina Tillerson was pregnant with triplets in the summer of 2001. She underwent an operation known as a cerclage procedure to help prevent a premature birth. The risk of delivering babies prematurely is much higher when the mother has multiple babies in the womb.

After undergoing the procedure, ultrasounds revealed irregularities with the cerclage operation, and the Tillersons were told to ask their doctor about the irregularities. However, Tillerson’s doctor failed to perform even a single examination following the news of the irregularity or even look at the ultrasound results.

The doctor’s failure to take any actions meant that possible corrective measures were never performed. Those measures could have delayed the pregnancy. Unfortunately, Tillerson gave birth to the children when they were only 21 weeks old. The birth occurred way too early, and none of the three children survived.

All examples of medical errors are heartbreaking. However, there is something particularly troubling about childbirth mistakes that claim the lives of the most vulnerable in our society-newborns. Our Chicago birth injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti are committed to protecting the rights of those innocent children and their families.

For example, in one case we secured a $2.3 million settlement for a child and his family who suffered severe injury, including cerebral palsy and other brain damage, following a rupture during vaginal birth. The damage could have been avoided had the doctor only performed a caesarean section delivery as soon as the birthing mother complained of ripping and tearing in her uterus.

The costs of these errors are too high to calculate. Please contact a birth injury lawyer if you or someone you know has had any preventable complications during childbirth.

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