Twins Survive Birth After Mother Suffers Brain Damage

KSEE News 24 reported last week on an incredibly bittersweet tragedy for a Michigan family. Our Chicago birth injury lawyers appreciate that it is yet another reminder of the tenuous nature of all pregnancies. It also highlights the amazing work of many practitioners who help in the childbirth process. While our birth injury attorneys represent families whose loved ones have been hurt by inadequate care, we still understand that the majority of medical professionals working in this area are dedicated professionals who deserve immense praise for all of the work they do helping local residents through this process.

According to the story, a twenty-six year old woman was pregnant with twins when she suffered a medical emergency in early March. The woman was walking out of a building when for unknown reasons she began suffering severe pain in her head. The woman already had two children and was with her three-year old son and boyfriend when the severe pain unexpectedly struck. The woman fell to the ground and was apparently unconscious.

She was rushed to the hospital where it was soon discovered that she had suffered severe brain damage as the result of two aneurysms. As explained by Pub Med Health, an aneurysm is a widening of a portion of an artery due to blood vessel wall weakness. When it exists in the brain it is referred to as a cerebral aneurysm. When the aneurysm ruptures the risk of death is high.

Doctors eventually had to tell her heart-broken family that she was brain dead and would likely not survive the ordeal. Initial observations suggested that the woman was likely born with the aneurysms. However, the medical professionals explained that the stress of her pregnancy may have been a factor that affected the aneurysms and made them more likely to rupture.

Obviously the news of the young woman’s dire medical condition was incredibly traumatic for her family. However, there was the added concern about the state of the children in her womb. The family knew early on that the young woman would never recover from her brain death, but they remained hopeful that the twins would survive.

The mother ultimately stayed on life support for several weeks. However, eventually her condition reached a critical juncture, where her blood pressure rose to dangerous levels. The family decided to try to save the twins. The only way to save the children was to have an emergency C-section birth. The twins were only 25 weeks old at the time, each weighing only slightly more than one and a half pounds. However, they are currently still hanging on. They remain in the neonatal intensive care unit. The mother passed away shortly after the birth.

Our Chicago birth injury lawyers send thoughts to those grieving after this tragedy. Working with families who have suffered unimaginable loss during the birthing process, we understand the mix of emotions that are present when a mother is hurt or killed while children are born. At the end of the day there is sometimes nothing that can be done to avoid these tragedies. However, in situations where you are unsure if medical errors might have contributed to a birth injury, you owe it to all those involved to at least visit with a legal professional to look into your options.

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