Woman Gives Birth Without Knowing She was Pregnant–Doctors Missed Signs

In a story that almost seems too bizarre to believe, an English woman apparently gave birth suddenly after not even knowing that she was pregnant. While a seemingly one-in-a-million case, our Chicago birth injury attorneys know that it is a somewhat off-beat reminder that, no matter what their intentions, medical professionals are capable of making even unimaginable birthing errors.

In this case, it wasn’t as if the mother did not notice changes in her body. It all started when she was involved in a car accident. The traffic crash was a serious one, as the woman was at a stalled part of the highway when she was rear-ended by another car going seventy miles an hour. Following the crash she was diagnosed with severe bruising and whiplash. Yet, even after taking the medication she kept noticing that her condition was getting worse.

After the accident the woman went to the doctor’s office repeatedly with complaints of back pain and a “swollen stomach.” However, every time she went the medical professionals offered some reason other than a pregnancy to account for the problems. She ultimately went to the doctor six times before the birth. On one occasion when she noted that her period had stopped the medical professionals said that it was caused by the “stress and trauma of the crash.”

She noted that the doctor’s advice “made sense, so I didn’t question it.”

Of course the mother was also putting on weight. However, that was explained away as caused by her inability to exercise following the accident.

During one of the visits the woman said that she asked for some sort of scan to be done because of her severe back pain. She worried something serious was wrong. However,she said that her doctor told her was was not necessary and they instead advised her to keep on the painkillers.

Eventually, five months after the car accident, the woman complained of a serious stomach ache. She felt cramps and left work early. By that night, something was clearly wrong, and her boyfriend called an ambulance. Eventually she was rushed to the hospital over concerns of severe stomach bleeding. Once there, however, the medical team had quite the shock for the woman when they told her that not only was she pregnant but was delivering the baby right now.

Our Illinois birth injury lawyers appreciate the mother’s concern at the news, worrying immediately about the child’s health considering the many drugs that she was prescribed following the accident. Obviously medical protocol would probably had been different if the doctors knew that the woman was pregnant following the accident.

Legal liability in this sort of case may hinge both on the conduct of the medical professionals and the harm to the mother and child. While the child has thus far not shown any signs of ill-effect from the prescription drugs given during the pregnancy, it will take awhile before long-term harm might be sorted out. However, the article indicates that the mother had quite a traumatic set of months as a result of her doctors’ failing to notice the pregnancy and treating her for crash symptoms instead. Considering the professionals failed to act reasonably throughout the process she may be able to receive redress for the pain and suffering during that time.

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