World’s Largest Study Underway on the Fear of Childbirth

Every Illinois birth injury attorney knows that medical patients deserve care that is tailored specifically to their needs at all times. This may seem intuitive, but it is an important principle that is often forgotten and occasionally at the heart of some medical caregiving problems. In the Illinois birth injury context, this means that doctors must not simply “go through the motions” when providing prenatal care, but instead they must ensure that the risks, concerns, and issues that are seen in each patient guide the treatment and care provided. Most medical providers obviously follow this demand at all times, and provide the care needed to guide the patient through to the best outcome possible. However, there remain some doctors who cut corners in the process, failing to take each patient’s specific needs into account, ultimately resulting in harm that could have been prevented.

Of course, the health of an expectant mother can have significant ramifications on the development and birth of their child. This includes both the physical health of the mother, as well as the social and emotional health of the expecting mother. Many medical providers are still working to understand the full scope of these issues. For example, according to a recent CNN report, researchers were puzzled recently to learn that there is a significant increase in natural childbirths on Valentine’s Day and a similar decrease in those births on Halloween. While doctor’s are still unsure what specific processes lead to these statistics, it is currently assumed that in some way the holidays affect the mother’s mental state influences the birth, even though it is not consciously in their control.

Another unique concern that must be taken into account is a growing body of research into the serious phobia that some women have of childbirth. Information on this phobia is still incomplete, but some medical professionals across the world explain that anywhere from five to ten percent of pregnant women need some treatment for their fear of childbirth. As explained this week by Medical News, if untreated, the fear may result in a wide range of birth injuries and harm to both the new child and the mother.

A new study-the largest ever of its kind-is currently underway that is looking into the way that the fear my affect deliveries of children. For example, if a woman’s fear of natural childbirth is so strong, it may be necessary to schedule a planned C-section to prevent possible natural birth complications. However, C-sections are more risky on the whole than vaginal births, and so those C-sections should only be performed when necessary. Better understanding the scope of the birth phobia problem and the actual effects that it has on delivery are essential to understanding exactly how the delivery and prenatal care should be influenced by the fear.

Our Chicago birth injury attorneys at Levin & Perconti remind all pregnant woman to demand that they receive individualized care throughout the birth of their new additions, fears, concerns, or pains that go unexplained or untreated are often signs that inadequate care has been provided. That should not be tolerated.

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